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Textiles industry

Condenser rubber-aprons
· The sleeves are produced by using a layered structure, where the first is a fabric coated with rubber that gives it dimensional stability and limits its extension during the operation. Thist first layer of rubber is prepared to work on top of the metal rollers of the machine.

· On top of this, placed the layer of rubber friction that depending on the type of fiber and working conditions on the target are chosen among different models.

· The finished surface is straightened, grinded and engraved before grating features are applied, designed by our technical department according to the customer‘s instructions. The finishing and implementaiton of the engraving is exclusively designed by Marti Sala S.A.

Condenser tapes
· Our vast experience in the market and constant adaptation to the most advanced techniques ensures a perfect synchronization with the divider as well as its great length and its resistance to products used in encimajes.

· The condenser tapes are produced either with smooth or printed finish, which - through the use of a patented suction cup - improves the adherence to difficult fibres. All with the soul of nylon to ensure dimensional stability during operation preventing their elongation.

· Tapes cannot slide off their tracks as the finished version contains marked edges, which leads to a high regularity and long operational life.

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