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Leather industry

Leather products
· Variety of leather tapes available for horizontal usage, produced with cromo leather and textile reeinforcements and hard surface. These are tailor-made for each machine.

· Leather tapes for vertical transporter machines.

· Rinsed leather strips are manufactured by selecting only material without defects, which are balanced and pressed.

Printing bands
· The bands are made of a combination of synthetic fabrics and rubber coated with a specific formula for each type. Typical features are minimal elongation, a high measurement-stability and high stiffness.

· Our bands are strong, highly resistant to tearing, abrasion and cut, and have a high damping factor against shocks and vibration.

· The program delivery comes complete with bands ready for impregnation in aqueous MS BI-1, in ketonic solvents MS BI-2 and aliphatic solvents, oils and MS BI-3.

· The finished grinding, featuring high accuracy and beveled edges, is proof of the high attention to detail applied during the production at our plant, and a guarantee of perfect alignment and clamping of the skin.

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