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General industry

· Built upon experience gained from over fifty years in the rubber sector, we develop the most appropriate roller for each application, and use polymers and high quality raw materials, in order to meet market needs (with warranty).

· Parallel to the weighing and mixing facilities, we have calendering and extrusion lines, which enable us to choose the method of manufacture most suitable to the demands of work and production of the required piece.

· We have the capacity to coat rubber rollers of up to 5000 mm length and 900 mm diameter, using any type of polymer on the market: NR, SBR, EPDM, IIR, CR, NBR, EVAC, Si, FSi, ACM, etc.

Endless transport bands
· We manufacture rubber bands with and without reinforcement fabrics or cables for all types of use, where regularity and uniformity is essential.

· Any polymer available in the market can be chosen as a base for your order, depending on the intended application of the transport band (physical and chemical conditions).

Moulded Castings
· We offer a wide selection of presses from 80 to 1000 tons force, up to 3000mm long, with a maximum aperture of 4000 mm, which allows us to manufacture a wide variety of parts.

· Our presses are capable of manufacturing castings of up to 3 meters length, with a volume greater than 500 liters.

· These are built using all types of polymers available on the market, combined with other materials such as metals (iron, cables, fasteners, etc.) and textiles (fabrics, cords, etc.).

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