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Our main driver is to serve our customers in the best way. We aim to achieve this through:

· Being leaders in innovation within the sector by using new materials, techniques and processes, aimed at improving the productivity of our products and services
· Dedicating ourselves to our client from A to Z. We study the applications, manufacture products and monitor their operation to ensure that the optimum solution has been identified.
· Creating effective relationships. Since foundation until today, Marti Sala, S.A. is characterised by its close cooperation with its customers beyond the initial project-stage, allowing us to have long term business relationships. · This gives our customers confidence and peace of mind when they leave their problems in our hands. They can always count on us.
· Offering tailored solutions to our customers. We give the same importance to the parts that our customers give them, whether it is a single piece or a series of parts, or maintenance service.
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