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Steel industry

Steel industry rollers
· Recovery of large deformations. The different width and thickness of steel bands typically leads to deformation of rollers during operation, and in the worst case to technical incidents. By using coating of non-woven fabric from Marti Sala SA, the cylinder is quickly aligned to the cylindrical position, and does not require any correction.

· Great chemical resistance. Supports work with media of pH 3 to pH 11 (oil, water, acids, alkalis, etc.).

· Very good temperature-resistance. The operating temperature ranges from ambient temperature to boiling point.

· Very wide range of hardness. From 50 to 95 Shore A.

· Optimal guidance and braking of the bands.

· High resistance to cutting, achieved by choosing selected fibres and binders only. Equally, the surface of the cylinders does not get spoilt so quickly as the edges are made of steel sheets.

· High squeezing-effect. The great elasticity of the material allows perfect alignment of the coating to the metal surface. The porous structure and elastic non-woven fabric allows the inside-flow of fluid to act with a suction effect.

· Savings in dispersion of oil. The high squeezing-effect and the internal movement of liquid ensures a lot less oil is required to get the same degree of protection.

· Greater uniformity in oiling the plate, obtained by applying equal amount of shore-hardness across the width of the coated cylinder.

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