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Product description

MS Farma automates the filling process of personalised blisterpacks
· After introducing plastics, cartons, and the dosage of each patient into the database, the machine produces personalised blister packs, including a printed sign with the patient´s medication and their required dosage.

· The blister-pack can be produced for any date required by the pharmacist.

· The blister production is recorded in the history reports of the database in order to avoid duplication whilst entering the patients medical dosage into the system.

· MS Farma’s blister trays are custom made for safety reasons in order to ensure that only the correct tablets/commercial blister packs are placed into the respective tray.

· MS Farma's standard set-up accommodates 350 different tray types, but can be increased to meet your requirements.

· MS Farma comes with 68 trays designed to handle half-tablets - this space could also be used to either increase capacity of the ‘regular’ blister trays or accommodate ‘loose’ tablets delivered in bulk packaging.

· Over-size medicines (e.g. vaccination, creams, eye-drops,etc.) can still be prescribed as MS Farma adds this information to the medication printout on the back of the blister. These tablets need to be handed to the patient separately, but the blister still makes reference to them to ensure traceability.

· MS Farma’s software enables the user to access, manage and update patient information, such as name, address, health-care centre, etc, whilst also allowing advanced search queries.

· Industry-standard encryption technology used to safeguard confidentiality.

· A complete production history is also kept to ensure traceability.

· MS Farma’s software automatically highlights potential shortfall in stock before entering the production sequence.

· Should stocks be exceeded then the production sequence is stopped automatically and a red light at the respective stock-space indicates which medicine needs to be replaced.

· The production sequence will NOT be continued until the stocks have been refilled AND the data of the newly entered commercial blister packs (reference number, expiry date) have been entered into the system, in order to ensure full traceability of the used tablets.

· Forecast demand and a wide range of production statistics are available.

· The software is based on a graphical interface and available in English, Spanish and Catalan. Other languages can also be added, if required.

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